Coaching Wins - for Better Performance
Coaching Wins - for Better Performance

A Selection of Client Testimonials

"Just a short note to thank you for the brilliant coaching and mentoring work you have done with us over the last two years or so. I really look forward to our sessions together because I know that you will hold me true to myself. This keeps me on track and I can honestly say that my significant achievements in customer numbers, improved customer care quality and overall profit enhancement is largely down to our coaching sessions together".

Managing Director - Gordons Knight and Co Ltd - London SW19

"I don't know how you did it, because I was quite sceptical, but you have provided us with the ideal candidate with the way in which you recruit".

Senior Partner - Law Firm - London EC4

"Our business coach has assisted us with a unique 'One Page Business Plan' which makes sure we focus on the key things in our practice. The approach is friendly yet direct, and we are now looking to have our coach assist clients with their own businesses as we feel it will certainly add value".

Managing Director - Havencrest Ltd - London EC2

"We have used Alan as a business coach and mentor for several years and he has been invaluable in helping us put our ideas into practice. The approach is always friendly and professional, with offers of ideas or alternative approaches. Our business would be much the poorer without Alan".

Partner - DNA Accountants - Surrey

"As a mentor, he was invaluable. His methods for imparting knowledge certainly worked for us. At no time was he clever-dick or patronising and worked well within our organisation, assessing individuals and suggesting where their skills might best be used, or weaknesses overcome. Consequently his brief became wider and wider and he was even involved with the interviewing and subsequent recruitment of senior sales-office staff. As a result of Alan’s input the business has grown year on year. A “five-year-plan” was created with his assistance and as a result turnover and profitability improved, almost following exactly the criteria in that plan.

The whole experience of utilising a “consultant” can be traumatic but we would have no reservation in recommending Alan as someone who can enable the management of any business to identify what they have and how best to utilise it and take the business in the direction they would want it to go".

Managing Director - Cleaning Material Manufacturer - West Sussex

"I first met our coach in April 2009 following my sign up with the AVN network. What I like about our sessions is that I feel re-focused to carry on with the next quarter with ideas which have nothing to do with accountancy etc but to grow my business and reach the goals set".


Proprietor - D.K Poynter & Co - East Sussex

"We worked with Alan for over 8 years. He provided a fantastic service to all his clients. He helped with our recruitment process as well as providing business coaching to our clients. In a recent survey one client described Alan as "very professional and very approachable, an all-round very likeable chap".

Managing Director - Business Advice for Professionals - Yorkshire

"Alan has worked closely with me for several years, helping me to not only develop my business but drastically change it. He makes sure you commit to your plan and make sure you deliver what you promise - there's no escaping from him! The changes I have made have been life changing. He is a great asset to have behind you, with a wealth of experience and knowledge".

Proprietor - Power In Numbers - Surrey

"Excellent speaker, excellent business coach, excellent comedian. Now that’s a powerful (and unique) combination!".

Steve Pipe - Speaker, Strategist and Business Author

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