Coaching Wins - for Better Performance
Coaching Wins - for Better Performance

FA Licensed Level 3 (UEFA B) Football Coach

Passionate About Player Development

As a Certified NLP Practioner I enjoy using some of these techniques to help players and teams fulfill their potential during training sessions, and on match days.

As the great Johan Cryuff once said "You play football with your head, and your legs are there to help you. If you don't use your head, using your feet won't be sufficient".

Nothing gives me greater pleasure as a coach, than seeing players develop. This applies as much to my work on the football field as it does with my involvement in the business world as a Business Coach.


I enjoy following the FA DNA Coach Education Fundamentals, the core components being:

  • Who We Are
  • How We Coach?
  • How We Play?
  • How We Support?
  • Developing The Future Player


Improving Performance on Match Days

I enjoy coachng all ages from the Foundation Phase (aged 5-11), Youth Development Phase (aged 12-16) through to the Professional Development Phase (aged 17-21). This is reflected in my current coaching assignments, which are as follows:

  • AFC Wimbledon Foundation Coach
  • Hampton and Richmond F.C U14/15
  • Kings College London University 1st Team

For the 2019/20 Season I will also be working as an FA Coach Mentor, helping graaroots coaches.

As players get older, then the need for positve match results, as well as sound team (and units within the team) outcomes, begns to take priority.


Preparing a team for match day, through relevant practice, pre-match physical and psychological preparation, as well as good tactical insight, are challenges and tasks that I relish.


As a coach it is always extremely satisfying to know that by following good principles a team can achieve success. This is illustrated by my first season (2017-18) with Kings College London F.C.

Following dissappointing previous campaigns KCL FC won their BUCS Division, The Macadam Trophy and The Varsity Trophy. They also reached the BUCS Cup Final, a LUSL Cup Semi Final and finished third in the LUSL Premier Division.


It was a very happy, succesful squad, as can be seen HERE

"Alan’s attention to detail is the best I have encountered throughout my sporting experience.

When we appointed Alan as coach at King’s College London 1st team it was off the back of one of the worst seasons in recent memory. In just 6 months in charge Alan managed to completely turn around the attitude of the team and go on to win the treble - one of the best achievements since the turn of the century.


His tactical astuteness and man management would work at any level and his willingness to learn was evident throughout the year. Not only does Alan help the team on the pitch but he helps create an atmosphere in the dressing room that is inclusive and most of all enjoyable. Alan is great fun to work with, achieves the desired results and teaches the players along the way".
Sammy Phillips - President KCL FC

"Alan packages up many years of experience and delivers the benefits of those hard yards with clarity and passion. He absorbs information from the teams he coaches and meticulously seeks fresh answers to team wide or player specific issues.

Old school coaching standards and philosophies blended with a modern take and the ability to make himself understood by both elite and mixed ability kids and adults".

Xavier Wiggins - Manager Hampton & Richmond Borough Colts

“Well done for this season Alan, it’s been a memorable one again and thanks for all of the hard work you’ve put in”
Owen Evans KCL FC President

“Thank you for the amazing work and commitment Alan!. You made this season special and thanks for giving me the chance to captain this amazing team this year”
Edo Latini – 1st Team Captain



"I have Managed Hampton & Richmond Borough Youth sides for over 5 yrs. During this time I have been fortunate to contribute towards a growing movement; a collective experience that has seen measurable success. In 2019 we found ourselves at the U14/U15 age category with a diligent team playing at a considerably better level. To accommodate this growth we decided to look for a coach that would continue this progress and elevate our goals.We found that man in Alan Sellers.

Articulate and intelligent, he carefully plans and sets out training sessions with achievable goals whilst stretching the imagination on what’s possible. The boys are loving it"

Paul Kinchin - Manager Hampton & Richmond Borough Knights

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